Thursday, 1 March 2012


According to medical science there are no harmful effects of masturbation. *Weakness Ashakta pana ahe*Tiredness Kamjori ahe *Feel debilitated Thakwa yeto *Body ache Anga dukta *Backache Paatdukta *Pain in my arms, calf muscles Haat pay marun yetat *Persistent headache Satatdoka dukta *Reduced appetite Bhook lagat nahi *Illnesses experienced by the person Vernacular Colloquial synonyms Extreme beliefs of some people: Illnesses experienced by the person Some people believe that hand practice causes *. impotence, *. infertility, *. mental debility, *. loss of memory, *. paralysis, and *. permanent inability to satisfy a woman sexually. Vernacular Colloquial synonyms Kahiyon ki bhayankar Manyataye: *. Indriya kam karna bandh kartahai, *. bacche nahi ho pate, *. pagalpan ka doura, *. adgasgh khona, *. lula, *. stree ko kabhi samadhan nahi de payega Bemused, you may think, "It is ridiculous. People cannot think of such stupid things as consequences. Something else, but not this." Unfortunately the myth of dreadful consequences is more rampant than you can imagine. The myths are further perpetuated by desi jadee buti, hakim, vaidya, quasi doctors, notjust roadside quacks but expensive ones too. The quacks are of all styles and class. Quacksare as omni pervading as are themyths, which appear globally. The beliefs about harmful effects that masturbation causes to the body, mind and soul (religion too is dragged in) are many. The suffering is because of the mistaken beliefs and not because of masturbation. If a person truly believes that s/he has a cancer and that it is further corroborated by friends or quasi doctors who harbor similar mis beliefs it can truly make the person's life an agony.This one is a silent agony because it cannot be shared with parents or with friends forthe fear that they might tease or with the trusted family doctor because there is a risk of the information being exposed to the family members by the family doctor who knows you so well. Such a silent misery is carried by many a people, irrespective of age, education, marital or hierarchical status. Though generated by misconception the suffering is unmistakable and true, severe and corrosive in intensity as well as wide spread in magnitudes due to sheer popularity. It can drive people tosuicide, to falling performance inacademics (school) or work. Thistaboo about accepting masturbation as a healthy sexual outlet drives people to commercial sex workers becausethat sexual act is considered natural whereas the miming done in hand safely [apna haath jagannath!]is considered as unnatural. *. [1]An important hidden equation that sex with commercial sex worker is preferable over masturbation is totally neglected and lies as avenomous virulent infection atthe root festering as increasedincidence in HIV/AIDS despite increased awareness about it. Several million dollars go downthe drain annually leaving us one step farther behind because this myth associated about masturbation is not effectively addressed. *. [2]At the commercial sex workers' we are not surprised that the people risk sex without condom because the burning desire thinks condom is unnatural and coming in the way of getting full value for money, it is perceived as diminishing sexual pleasure or interfering with full blown sexual joyride of succulent ecstasy. *. [3]The third dangerous offshoot is that guys ensnare girls from good families into love making, sure that they will be HIV safe when they choose girls from decent homes. You are privy to these confessions as they are coming straight to you from a doctor's consulting room. The deep love that the girl offers is a mockery that she realizes late and that too after paying a great price in terms of emotional torment believing that it is spurned love, which is never any love in the first place but a deliberate attempt to choose those girls who can be easily beguiled for HIV safe sex. Whoever said everything is fair in lust and business? Behind all this personal, social, invasive muck is the mistaken notion that masturbation is damaging to health. Has your doctor ever spoken about the medically harmless practice of masturbation to you or even to his other clients? No, because all of us have chosen to keep our mouth shut, including the doctors, about health concerns related to the three letter word 'sex,' which sounds obscene butthe four letter word 'sexy' or those ending with 'k' do not. Nothing is as misinterpreted about masturbation, except politics. Let us as parents not hoodwink this or brush it under the carpet because the victims could be ourchildren too. Have you ever talked about masturbation with such an openness that it is discussed on this page? Yes, youcould take a print out and share it with your teenager to educateat home. Or direct them to good informative medical sites like

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